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Absolutely a hypochondriac!

Stop panicking every time you get a scrape or a scratch. You're alive now, aren't you? Of course, if you're not feeling well, take appropriate action, but then move on with your day. You can't enjoy life watching game shows all day!

Pretty close to being a hypochondriac

Don't let illness get the better of you. It's okay to worry once in a while if you think your bronchitis is hanging around too long, but you don't have to beg off work for mild allergies. If you get a headache, put a cold rag on your forehead, take something, and make a plan for what you're going to do when it goes away. Don't live your life borrowing trouble. Get over your aches and pains and have some fun!

Kind of a hypochondriac

You're not quite there yet, but you do overinflate things now and then. Let a scrape be a scrape and a headache be a headache. You have better things to do besides worry about being sick!

A bit of a hypochondriac

So you need someone to kiss your boo-boos now and then. So what? Go ahead and get that attention when you need it, but the rest of the time buck up and face the day!

Not really a hypochondriac

You're pretty well adjusted when it comes to how you think about your health. It sucks when illnesses are real, but having the right attitudes about it, like you do, gives you the wisdom to know when a problem is real.

Not at all a hypochondriac

See a doctor already! At least get that weird mole looked at. Geez. Quit trying to be so brave. We all get sick sometimes.

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