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100% Hippie

You are full-on hippie and proud of it! You like all things natural whether it's eating food off the vine, swimming in a natural lake, drinking water from a spring, or whittling hand-crafted instruments. You have a love of nature and the planet that causes you to tread lightly no matter the inconvenience. Forget buying a hybrid, you prefer to walk or bike whenever you can. Some may call you a tree hugger, but you're a happy tree hugger!

80% Hippie

You are a hippie and you know it, but you don't take it to the extreme. You like to eat natural, wear natural clothing, and minimize your mark on the planet. You know that trucks are for hauling things, not looking cool on the highway and burning gas like it's unlimited. Maybe you went three days without showering that one time, but it's good for your hair!

60% Hippie

You're a little bit hippie. You're all for eating clean when it's accessible and you always take time to find the recycling bin. You've probably never had dreadlocks or joined a drum circle, but you know how to appreciate the simple things in life. Sometimes you shop at the farmer's market, but you're not too good for the regular old grocery store. You're really a great mix of some hippie tendencies guided by practical thinking. Keep on keepin' on!

40% Hippie

You're not really a hippie, but you do care about the planet and try to make good decisions for you and your environment. You would never litter or take daily 30-minute showers because you know we all need to be a bit more careful than that. At the same time, when you camp, you prefer a tent to the open air and you probably won't seek out the nearest jam session or light some incense anytime soon.

20% Hippie

You're not very hippie at all. You like modern conveniences and you really don't like the smell of patchouli. You're okay with people who follow a hippie lifestyle, but it's just not for you. You think beaded curtains are cheesy and you can't believe they created a new version of the VW Beetle or even worse, that so many people actually bought it. You recycle and turn the water off while you brush your teeth and you're good with that.

0% Hippie

You are soooo not a hippie, and to be honest, you really don't see the appeal. You like showering regularly and enjoying the convince of modern life. Attending a multi-day music festival with jam bands and hallucinogens is your definition of hell. You like things clean and organized and you like having access to private bathrooms. And why would someone want to purposely have hair so dirty that it clumps together into dreads?

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