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A Good Partner

You know when to confront, when to back off, when to soothe, and when to cheer your partner up. You're sweet and kind, but you don't sacrifice backbone either. You haven't lost yourself. Your identity is yours, and as such, you bring your strengths to the table. Together, you are a team, side by side.

An Okay Partner

You are a loving partner, one who means the best. You always have the best of intentions--to help and to be kind, to cheer your partner up even. But the problem is that sometimes you handle things too emotionally. Or you simply react too quickly, maybe selfishly. Try calming down and really thinking things through sometimes.

In Need of Work

You are emotional, selfish, and aggressive. Maybe you are a little rough around the edges. You are perfectly capable of great love, but you are also troubled by the intensity of it. It's a great weight on you, and it goes in direct opposition to the personal, internal troubles you have going on. Maybe some time alone, for personal growth, is in order.

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