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You can lead. You can aggro. You can loot, snipe, range attack, ambush, sneak, and master different weapon types and classes in a matter of minutes. You're no noob.


You can carry your own weight in games, and you've been gaming for a long time. The only problem? You aren't as versatile as other gamers out there. For instance, you may always opt to play as a healer or a ranged class rather than a warrior with aggro.


You are not the best, but you're not the worst either. With enough practice, you get pretty good at games! So really, it depends on the game you're playing. Maybe FPS (first-person shooter) isn't your thing, but perhaps you're amazing at puzzle games?


Okay, so you're not very good at all. When players hang out with you, they often comment on things or try to teach you new tactics. If you're playing in an MMO dungeon, they might vote to kick you out. But let's face it, you're not really playing MMOs or doing dungeon runs.


You probably know very little about games, never played back in the day, and have no knowledge of substantial game mechanics. You don't know any standard lingo either. You need to spend more time gaming!

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