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You don't go out of the house without doing your nails, your hair, and your makeup. You take three hours to get ready and always hunt for the latest trends when you go shopping. You wear heels more often than not, and you'd rather be caught dead than without your contour and false lashes on.

A Normal Amount of Girlie

You're a normal woman. You enjoy flowers, heels, makeup, and a good spa day as much as any other woman, but you're also down-to-earth. You don't always need to do your nails to be feminine. You don't always pack on the makeup. You're feminine without being an airhead!

A Tomboy

You don't ever wear heels or makeup. You like to have your hair up. Most of your clothes are either old, oversized, or just plain. And you know what? That means you're the farthest thing from a girlie girl.

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