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A Geek

You LOVE what you love, and you may even obsess about it. That's okay, because there's a 'con' somewhere with your name on it, filled with fellow geeks like you!

A Dork

There's nothing wrong with being socially awkward. Most of us are. At least you're not basic!

An Otaku

Step away from the anime. Really, branch out. There ARE other cultures with fascinating art forms. Anime is cool and all, but geez. Otaku is basically Japanese for 'geek'--specifically, geeks into anime and manga.

A Nerd

You're introverted and value academic pursuits over social interaction, and you never have to worry about being cool. Sounds great!

An Egghead

Are you a genius? Probably. Your IQ is at least far higher than average. If not, you're making up for it with intense study. A brain full of facts is much better than a brain full of celebrity gossip.

A Bookworm

Read, read, read. It's the best pastime ever!

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