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You are good to everyone, even if it isn't in your best interest! You just can't help yourself but to be kind and help people out. Even if someone is bad to you, you make excuses for their behavior and cut them some slack. You are just naturally a friend.

Bit of Both

You love to help out, and you are kind to most people, but you don't put up with people who are mean or take advantage of you or your friends. For the most part, you are a friend, but when the situation calls for it, you are a hell of a foe!


You just can't help yourself. You are naturally skeptical of others, and you look out for number one. You don't mind if you hurt someone else's feelings. That is really their problem. You will also take advantage of those who will let you. You aren't trying to be mean or cruel; you are just more natural at being a foe!

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