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Skate Punk

Sk8er Boi! You're a laid-back punk with a surfer vibe. Maybe you can shred the park, or maybe you're a poser, but who cares? The actual skating is secondary to acting and looking the part. You're all about image, and you wear the 'right' brands and listen to the 'right' music, and yeah, hang with the 'right' crowd. You like to think you're an activist, but the most anarchist act you're likely to do is go graffiti tagging with your mates.

Hardcore Punk

Oi! F*&k off ya geezer! Being a hardcore punk takes balls, and yours are made of steel! You've got attitude and a foul mouth to rival Sid Vicious, and you don't give a damn about most anything, do you? Well, except destroying the system. You're totally against consumerism and would rather starve than eat a Big Mac or be seen in Walmart. Although you may dress and act like a demon, you're really not a violent person, but people judge based on external image. The media has taught us that you're unstable and angry and we should fear you. Only you know that you sometimes wear superhero underwear beneath those ripped black jeans and you binge-watch Glee! Funny thing is, take away the clothes and the attitude, and you and that airy-fairy, tree-hugging hippie you despise actually have a lot in common.

Pop Punk

You're the mixed-up love child of Britney Spears and Billy-Joe Armstrong, a punk princess or emo anarchist that is a risk-taker and a homebody, a rule-breaker, and a trendsetter! A true punk-rocker lives on the edge of society, but you manage to retain your wild and independent side while being loved by everyone. Sure, you're into rebellion, but you're also not afraid to embrace the corporate world.

True-Blue Hippie

Peace, love, and pop-tarts! You're a groovy, laid-back, true-blue hippie. You may enjoy opening your third-eye with mind-altering substances, but although your head is in the clouds, your feet are firmly on the ground. As a committed pacifist, you are no space-cadet, but very politically aware. Helping people is your passion, and you love when you're part of of a group, whether you're working for a cause or just having a great party!

Granola Love Child

Peace, love, and rock 'n' roll! You are the archetypal tree-hugger, and tie-dye and Birkenstocks are practically your uniform. You have a huge heart and are extremely open and sincere about your beliefs. You believe in the natural goodness of the human spirit, and refuse to allow any negativity to creep into your vision. Some may call this naive, but your positivity is refreshing and uplifting in a world where most people act out of fear. Don't let others corrupt your purity of heart!

Techno Hippie

You like to say you're a hippie, but let's get real. Behind the dreadlocks and Birkenstocks, you are a typical modern consumer. You might have the heart of a flower child, but you like your creature comforts (and your hot showers!) way too much to ever be a true-blue hippie, but this isn't a bad thing. Some may consider you a 'hippie-crite,' but we know you're not an imposter when it comes to your flower child street cred. You aren't scared to stand up for what you believe in, although you're more likely to march through the streets shouting than sing folk songs at a sit-in.

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