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Completely at Home in Your Home State

You have made yourself a nice comfortable niche where you feel completely at home. You love the climate, the landscape, the people, the food, the sports . . . in short, you have all you need right here, right now. Enjoy it!

A Pretty Perfect Fit for Your Home State

You know where your perfect place is, and you are here in it! Maybe there are a few minor things you'd change, but don't rock the boat by looking around at what other states have to offer. You are doing great right where you are.

Zen about Your Home State

While you're not enthusiastic about where you live, you're not unenthusiastic either. Red or blue, mountains or sea . . . it's all equal to you. Your happiness comes from more than where you are, so you can fit in and be happy pretty much anywhere. We all wish we were like you!

Meh about Your Home State

Where you are living is pretty okay, and your life is mostly great. You know the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, so you're smart to stay right where you are.

Starting to Check Out Other States

Your feet are starting to itch as you realize that you aren't really happy where you are. Look around--it's a big world out there, and there's going to be somewhere you'll feel right at home. Because right now, the place you call home is not making you happy!

Ready to Get the Hell Outta Dodge!

You are more than ready for a change of scenery. It could be that you love cold but live in the heat, or love mountains but live on the plains. Maybe you're a blue soul in a red state, or vice versa. Maybe it's all of these! Whatever it is, there's one surefire way to fix it: Pack those bags, and hit the road.

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