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A Total Dreamer!

You are a dreamer. While you may not always see things as realistically as they truly are, the beauty of this is that your dreams are so powerful that you have the ability to make them reality--something that not everyone can understand about you.

More Dreamer Than Realist!

You are a dreamer at heart; however, you are guided by a little bit of realism in your thoughts and actions. This is a wonderful combination, because your dreamer aspects are powerful enough to be transformed into reality--especially because that's where they're mostly grounded.

Half Dreamer, Half Realist

You are half dreamer and half realist. This just might be the perfect combination that there is in a person, because you're equal parts both. You are creative and imaginative enough to create wonderful realities that are grounded and based in your dreams, and vice versa.

More of a Realist Than a Dreamer

You are mostly a realist; however, you are inspired by your dreams to a certain (if small) extent. You are very grounded in reality, obviously; however, you do allow yourself to imagine other less-realistic possibilities, which gives way to more creative ideas.

A Total Realist!

You are a total realist! You aren't swayed by your imaginative thoughts, and you rarely have any that aren't mostly based in reality. You are logical and analytical, and love science and rational thought.

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