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A Dreamer!

You've got your head in the clouds, and you rarely find your way back down to earth. When you do, you might be surprised (and disappointed) by the differences between your daydreams and reality. But just when you resolve to do something about it, a new dream comes along to carry you away. The good news is that your big imagination can inspire others. Your ideas alone are revolutionary! The bad news is that even your best ideas would be impotent without other people. You depend on others to get the ball rolling.

A Doer!

Full steam ahead, that's your motto. Once you've locked on to a goal, you have an amazing ability to focus and power through obstacles. You might not always 'work smarter,' but you always 'work harder' and accomplish your goals in the end! The good news is that your energy and determination never fail you. You are incredibly productive! The bad news is that you have trouble coming up with your own ideas--and seeing when your ideas have gone astray. If you're not careful, you could create monsters!

The Happy Medium!

Congratulations! You unite the best of both worlds. You are able to float away in your dreams and come back with wonderful new ideas. Then you put the pedal to the metal and act on those ideas! The good news is that you are able to operate as a one-man act. You have everything you need to succeed! The bad news is that, doing everything yourself, you tend to move a little slowly. You are constantly flipping back and forth between dreams and action.

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