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Definitely a Queen!

You're a queen of all dance floors. You have a charismatic personality, and when you dance, you're electrifying! Dancing is your way of expressing yourself and the perfect way to decompress. When you dance, you forget about the troubles and just enjoy this rush of energy flowing through your body!

A Dancing Princess!

You like dancing, but it's not your true passion. The world of beauty is your queendom! You're a delicate creature with an incredible sense of style! You like elegant spaces, and this is how you choose where to go on your nights out! You love your friends, and occasionally you love to wiggle on the dance floor and get blasted with music!

Actually . . . You Don't Care!

You're not much into dancing! Dancing is a bit stupid, isn't it? Have you seen people in the clubs? It looks ridiculous. And to be honest, you really don't care! It's a waste of time. There are many other things to do that are much more interesting.

More into Fighting Than Dancing!

Dancing is not your cup of tea. You're much more into martial arts than dancing. You need a different kind of energy in your life. You're a tough girl but with a wonderful sense of humor. You are a kind human being, but you're always prepared to show the world what you're made of!

An Awkward Dancer

For you, the dance floor is more like hostile territory you prefer to avoid. You feel really uncomfortable and awkward dancing. You need a few drinks to be able to relax and start dancing. Let it go, and just have fun!

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