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A Total Control Freak!

Loosen up--you won't regret it! You tend to take over every situation. You don't always have to be responsible for everything. Just try to trust others, and you will be rewarded more often than you are disappointed!

A Bit of a Control Freak!

You usually find yourself trying to be in charge. You like to be in control whenever possible, but you don't force yourself on people who don't what your help, which is a good thing! Just keep working to recognize when your help is wanted and when you should back off, and you will be just fine!

A Bit of Both

There are times when you just have to be in charge, but in other situations, you completely flake out. You need to loosen up and, at the same time, get organized. You are on the right track but could use a little bit of help in both areas.

A Bit of a Spaz

You are known to lose track of time now and then, and you can't be trusted to keep track of much of anything, but for the most part, you are harmless. You are just a bit of a spaz.

A Total Spaz

You can't even trust yourself to follow through on a project, promise, or commitment. You forget and misplace things on a daily basis. You need to get organized and try focusing your energy on just one or two areas to help get a little control over your life.


You are neither controlling nor forgetful. You are organized and in control of your own affairs, but you don't try to control other situations or people, and you are very good at following through with any of your own commitments.

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