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A Wearer of Tinfoil Hats

It's surprising that you made it to the end without wondering if this was a test. Don't worry--it's not. At least I hope Echelon isn't watching... At any rate, there is no one as awake as you. Maybe someday you'll save the world!

A Burgeoning Theorist

You definitely know your stuff. The whole reptilian thing might be a bit much for you, but you do recognize that conspiracies do exist, even ones that seem outlandish to those that are asleep. You'd like to read 'Catcher,' but you're waiting to pick one up at a garage sale, and you'd be a bit nervous walking by the Skull and Bones tomb. Don't stop believing--you may be on to some things.

Somewhat Suspicious

You want to believe in a decent world, but alas, you know it's not all sunshine and roses. You stick to the more plausible conspiracy theories involving dirty politicians and things like Area 51, but you don't go in for the really hard-to-believe stuff. That's'll be fully awake soon enough!

Too Trusting

You have your moments of doubt, but on the whole, you dismiss most conspiracy theories as the fantasies of nutjobs. You know that not every politician is squeaky clean, but you'd rather believe what the authorities tell you to believe than risk seeming illogical. Don't shy away from all of your suspicions, though--many things that were thought to be nutjob conspiracy theories have been proven by time to be true!


Wake up! The world is not run by good people devoted to serving others! Open your eyes and watch what goes on around you. You don't have to don a tinfoil hat or believe that Queen Elizabeth is an alien, but at least acknowledge that there ARE a few real conspiracies out there...

The Man!

Uh-oh. You know there are conspiracies, and yet they don't make you nervous at all? You are the distributor of misinformation! That must mean you are 'they'!

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