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True City Girl

You are truly a city girl. You walk fast and talk even faster. You can walk 10 blocks in high heels on a cracked sidewalk without missing a beat. You know that a good dinner sometimes costs $100 or more and that's okay. You'd rather have one designer dress than $400 worth of clothes from a department store. You like to stay busy and look your best while you do it. Meet you at 9pm for a Cosmo?

City Girl

You're a city girl! You like to be able to walk to a restaurant or a grocery store and you're willing to pay a little more to live in-town. You're not afraid to ride the subway alone and you can hail a cab with the best of them. You wouldn't be caught dead shopping at The Gap unless you needed a few staples to go with your designer items, and you'd rather skip a meal than skip a social obligation.

Relaxed City Girl

You're a city girl, but more relaxed than most of them. You are trendy and you try to check out the newest restaurant or bar before too long, but you're not exactly walking around looking like Rachel Zoe's effortlessly stylish every day of the week. You wear heels more than flats, but you probably wouldn't make it 10 city blocks in 4-inch stilettos. You'd love to drink martinis and smoke cigarettes, but you actually prefer a cape cod and the non-smoking section.

Hip Country Girl

You're a country girl that's a little bit more hip than the average. You bought your cowboy boots online rather than the local western store, but it's all the same once they're on your feet, right? Okay, so maybe you can't line dance and you're not volunteering to shovel out the stable, but you sure know how to chug a beer and you're perfectly happy in jeans and a t-shirt most days of the week.

Country Girl

You're a country girl! Your favorite pair of jeans is well-worn and torn and you're never giving them up. If you're offered a shot of whiskey, you're not afraid to turn it up, even if you do make a bit of a face as it goes down. You keep things pretty simple and you like it that way. You couldn't live without Southern comfort food, your family, and the occasional campfire.

True Country Girl

You are truly a country girl. You're most often found in your favorite pair of jeans and you'd rather wear your cowboy boots over heels. You're not afraid to get dirty, you know how to fix your own toilet, and you can charm the stripes off a tiger. You tend to avoid the fancy things in life because they're not worth the money and you prefer to keep it simple. You know how to be polite, but are also the first to stand up for a friend if you need to.

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