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You are an employee. You take orders and do what you are told without quesion. You complete your assignments on time.

Grumbling Employee

You are a grumbling employee. Taking orders goes against the grain, but no one will listen to you when you speak up. You grumble so much that it affects the quality of your work.

Challenging Employee

You an employee who stands up to his superiors when you think something is unfair or not right. Your co-workers admire that you will stand up. You are afraid to stand up and take the command and give orders.

Employee/Boss combination

You are the perfect ballance between a boss and an employee. You know how to complete tasks well and by their deadline, while also taking command of those around you, and keep them on track with their projects. This has made you a valuable employee.

Good leader

You are a good leader over small groups of people. You have welded the employees around you into a team. You keep them on track and together your team is more productive than any other in your place of work.

Natural Boss

You are the natural boss. Everyone looks to you for guidance. No one questions your authority.

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