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A Mediocre Speller, at Best

When it comes to spelling, let's just say you're better at other, more important things, like math, science, and art, perhaps. And hey, that's what auto-correct is for, right?

Sort of Okay at Spelling, We Guess

You are somewhat okay at spelling, we guess. People can usually get the gist of what you're trying to say, most of the time, and that's better than nothing! You can always increase your spelling skills by reading more books and taking more practice spelling tests like this one--or just use auto-correct and spell-check, like everyone else does!

A Good Speller

You're a good speller. There's always room for improvement, however, and we suggest reading a bit more to enhance your spelling skills. Then again, there's always auto-correct and spell-check, am I right?

A Great Speller

You did a great job on this spelling test, only missing a few. We assume you love to read and have a great memory, because that's what spelling correctly is all about!

An Expert Spelling Whiz

Congratulations--you absolutely ACED this spelling quiz like nobody's business! Did you, by any chance, win spelling bees as a child? Because your spelling game is SOLID!

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