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Totally Clueless About '90s Music

You are totally clueless about '90s music. You probably grew up in an entirely different decade, which explains why you know so little about the music of the '90s. Or you just have better things to remember than random obscure facts about '90s singers, groups, and one-hit wonders from 20 years ago!

Not Very Knowledgeable About '90s Music

You are not very knowledgeable about '90s music. And that's perfectly okay! Make sure to share this quiz with your friends to see how much they know about the music of the '90s and see who gets the highest score!

Sort of Knowledgeable About '90s Music

You are sort of knowledgeable about '90s music, and you should be proud of this score. Why? Because you probably didn't even grow up in the '90s, and if you did, you were obviously paying attention to other, more important things rather than what was blasting on MTV.

Very Knowledgeable About '90s Music

You know quite a bit about '90s music and might have even grown up listening to it. While you didn't answer all of the questions correctly, you still answered most of them right, which is pretty awesome. Make sure to share this quiz with friends to see if they can score as well as you did!

A Total '90s Music Guru

You are a total '90s music guru and expert music fanatic. You know a lot about music in the '90s and quite possibly grew up through the decade. Congratulations! Don't forget to share this quiz to see if your friends do as well as you just did!

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