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You are a mediator. You value honor and virtue and truth. You always look for the good in people and the bright side of life. Sometimes it's hard to find, but you keep searching!


You're an entertainer! You encourage and uplift your loved ones. You are exciting, social, and curious about everything. You are the first to smile at the little things. Even though you love being happy, you are also capable of great sympathy whenever you're around someone who is sad. But you're more than happy to cheer them up!


You're a leader who champions anyone involved in a good endeavor. You're charismatic and inspiring, and you fight for what's right. You love people and especially take pride in helping them be all that they can be!


You're logical, a philosopher, and you're always thinking! You don't like anything false, and you find it difficult to choose an emotional argument over a practical one.


You're orderly, traditional, and conservative. Because of this, you're a natural-born executive, ready to get things done! You're also just a touch stubborn, or at least you stick to your guns!


You're an explorer, both creatively and in thought. You're a free thinker who can't be shoved into a box! You're playful and fun with your pals, but you're still a bit of an introvert who sometimes needs time alone to relax and recharge.

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