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A Lush, Green Meadow in Early Autumn

It's early autumn and the leaves are beginning to change colors in hues of yellow, orange, brown and red. You enter a small clearing and notice the animals grazing on the lush, green grass around you. The air is crisp, not hot but not exactly cold, yet--and there's a smell in the air that reminds you of warm fireplaces, fuzzy blankets, a rocking chair and a great book. There's a lot of work left to be done, but despite your responsible nature and indomitable work ethic, Autumn is a reminder that nothing lasts forever. You must learn to relax and enjoy all the fruits of your hard labor before it's too late.

The Snowy Circle of Dense Winter Pines

There's something dark and mysterious about the forest in the winter time. The white carpeting of snow, the unbearable chill in the air, and the still silence of the forest--winter represents the harsh, cold realities of life. You are a survivor and your courageous, independent nature shines through. Life has taught you that perseverance and positivity can see you through the freezing cold of the season and on the path to a rebirth of a stronger you, in the spring.

The Babbling Brook through the Forest in the Springtime

As the ice caps melt on the mountaintop from the warm sun's basking glow, a small brook begins to make its way down the mountain and through the woods, representing new life and opportunity. You're wide-eyed, young and carefree, with loads of enthusiasm and unlimited potential. As the Springtime, you represent the beginning of life's journey and the optimism that all of us begin with. You also embody new beginnings, transformations, and great hope. While this may not be the most mature or wise of the seasons, it's the best outlook on life because the world is at your feet.

The Summertime Waterfall (End of the River)

Walking through the woods, you spy a majestic waterfall with a beautiful pool of crystal blue water beneath. The water is cool, but not cold, a perfect contrast to the hot summer heat of the forest. You slip into the pool of water with your bare feet, feeling the mist of the waterfall beading on your skin, and you've never felt so alive. As Summer, you represent the fun, exciting and sometimes dramatic aspect of life, You command attention and can sometimes be a bit egocentric. You are the main attraction in the woods, and you love being in the spotlight!

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